Ending June, meatless style

Confession: I have a tofu phobia. I think it comes from several occasions of not realizing tofu was in my meal, biting down on a mystery food and then promptly gagging. So yeah tofu, it’s me, not you.

I really want to start again and see if I can conquer this fear.

Do you readers have tofu recipes I should try? If so, I’ll experiment and incorporate them into the next Meatless Monday post. For now, here’s your weekly installment of lean eating.

baked eggs in tomatoes // brooklyn supper

Breakfasts with protein are essential. Sometimes I opt for a summery parfait because eggs can feel heavy in the heat, but if you’ve got a big day ahead, the extra energy from eggs can be useful. Here’s a recipe for stuffed tomatoes.

A Month of Meatless Mondays

For lunch, I found a meatless muffuletta. I think muffuletta is just fun to say – hopefully that makes it an instant hit with your family. In case you were wondering what a muffuletta actually is, the Internet calls it an oven baked, sesame seed topped Italian bread. The term also refers to a Sicilian sandwich popular with Italian immigrants in New Orleans. The original sandwich is packed with deli meats, cheese, olive salad and garlic. This version is obviously meatless. Who knew sandwich history could be so rich?

(This image is from lattesandleggings.com and comes from a different recipe but I wanted you to have a visual.)

Vegan stuffed peppers for dinner are quick and reliable. You can Google stuffed pepper recipes and see how others have tweaked a classic, but this one looked good to me.

Hope this menu kicks off your week well!


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