Just another manic, meatless monday

After a long, work-filled weekend I could use a rejuvenating Monday. I haven’t eaten atrociously over the past few days, but I have eaten a lot. So today it is time for a reset. Anyone else with me? I’m making a conscious effort to make this week a healthy one – crawling into bed on time, exercising some portion control but not being afraid to indulge after periods of intense productivity. Here’s this week’s meatless Monday post, complete with a dessert option, because while I can temper my sweet tooth, I can’t oust her entirely. Also, be sure to check out Lauren’s blog post today on taking care of the outside of your body, not just the inside!

Extra Tropical Swirled Fruit Smoothie | halfbakedharvest.com

Tropical fruit smoothie from halfbakedharvest.com


May I Have That Recipe | Meatless Monday: Beluga Lentil and Pomegranate Baba Ghanoush | http://mayihavethatrecipe.com

Baba Ghanoush from mayihavethatrecipe.com


Creamy Italian-Style Stuffed  Mushrooms


Stuffed mushrooms from ecoKaren.com

Chocolate Raspberry Tart #Chocolate #raspberry #tart #vegan #glutenfree #kosher #dessert

Vegan raspberry chocolate tart from mayihavethatrecipe.com (can you feel the decadence oozing from this little guy?)


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