Re-purposing the Mind

Something about the re-purposing bug is catching. The Pinterest gods smile upon us as we reach new crafting heights, dousing mason jars in chalk paint and making ingenious wall art with the unexpected. We make time to give the inanimate objects in our lives facelifts because appearances matter and DIY is (for most) cathartic. So here’s my thought of the day – if we can become fully invested in reenergizing the clutter in our cupboards, why don’t we become equally invested in reenergizing ourselves? I’ve developed a knack for seeing potential in tired antiques and old clothing, but I forget to maximize the potential of my mind. I overload myself with information, start processing my days in 140 characters or less and fall asleep to the nightlight that is my phone screen. You know what I mean.

So what to do?

1. We need to improve our filtering abilities. I’m not talking about Earlybird or Toaster, I’m talking about saying hey world, that’s enough for today, time for me to unplug and recharge. The time we spend with friends and families is enriched when it’s uninterrupted by email and work calls. Consequently, our minds are quieter.

2. Journaling is not a girly activity reserved for 13 year olds with crushes. Writing about milestones or simply keeping track of life’s little surprises is a great way to clear out space in your mind in order to absorb everything tomorrow will offer.

3. Reading is something I struggle with and I’m an English student. The sad truth is that we read mass quantities of content because we have to, not because we want to. When the stars align and a rainy day coincides with my day off, I settle down with a book and get one page in before thinking about how tired my eyes are. I end up getting cozy with Netflix instead of challenging my brain with a good story. It’s common knowledge, though, that the best thinkers are committed readers. I introduce the triple R: reading routines relax. Find a literary classic or a terrible romance novel (guilty pleasures are permitted), and reserve the last fifteen minutes before bed for reading. You can escape the troubles of this world for the intrigue of another and you have the chance to broaden your perspective on life while winding down. We’re pretty habitual people and routines are healthy. Even if you live chaotically, a nighttime routine might improve your rest.

4. Try driving without extra noise. I’m addicted to blasting 90’s hits and feeling the wind on my face, but there are days when I get headaches from all the noise in my sphere. The radio, constant conversation, fake conversation, to-do lists, kids, bosses, assignments, writing ideas – it all competes for attention and my brain can’t handle it. Having a few uninterrupted moments is weird initially, but it’s a bit like taking a really hot shower: blissful “you time” meant for escaping.

5. Pick a passion and nurture it.

Coasting through life is better when we’re appreciating each moment wholeheartedly. Can I get an amen?

Buuut that’s not to say we can’t re-purpose all the mason jars everywhere. Here are my favorite Pinterest finds of the week!


Cheese graters gotta multi-task, you know?

Piano turned desk – my favourite.


Putting those old VHS tapes to good use.


How cute are these makeshift bookends?


Too poor for a full bed? Problem solved. Pallet headboard with a painted design.

Comment if you want links to these DIY projcts!


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