Meatless Monday time

Hey friends,

Here’s a meatless menu for the first sunshiney Monday of June. If you have other go-to meatless recipes comment below and share the love!

Thanks to & for the inspiration.


Just in time for brunch: Wild Blueberry Oatmeal with Dried Cranberries & Almonds. I spent my childhood in Maine so I’m kind of a blueberry snob, but the colors in this cup definitely make a healthy breakfast look appetizing. Fun fact: the almonds help with stabilizing blood sugar.

What’s for lunch? Grilled vegetable skewers. You can use any vegetables still knocking around pre-new-week-grocery trip. These are really simple and on a stick – naturally that makes them fun.

Last but not least, chickpea sliders for dinner. These are amazing. (You could eat 15 and still want more amazing.) Sometimes the texture of chickpeas throws people off, but try something new. As the queen of all things avocado, I suggest adding a side of guac. 

*Note: images were lifted off the respective recipe websites.


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