Meatless Mondays

Happy Memorial Day! Here’s hoping you’ve spent a relaxing day remembering all those who serve us so dutifully.

These long weekends are prime for cookouts, rocking the red, white and blue, and throwing a football around. If, though, you’re tired of grilling, I’ve found you some alternatives.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about eating light. I have a reverent appreciation for good burgers, especially when bacon is involved, but I feel most rejuvenated and nutritionally balanced when I go lean. Not only does eating less meat help the grocery budget, it encourages kitchen creativity. Which is why, when I discovered, I got very excited.

Blogger Rebecca Crump has compiled tons of Meatless Monday recipes that look divine. Granted they all increased my hangry-ness, but lunch is almost done so there’s hope for my family yet. I found her website through Pinterest which linked to a Summer Corn Cakes recipe. I don’t know how you feel about avocados, but I’m mildly obsessed and these corn cakes have plenty of avocado lovin to go around. Below are my favourite Meatless Monday recipes of Rebecca’s.

Do you strive for extra veggies on Mondays? Have you tried any of Rebecca’s recipes? Comment below and share your best meat-less endeavors!

Summer Corn Cakes

Summer Corn Cakes


Ranchero Breakfast Tostadas


Smoked Fennel and Tomato Soup


Sweet and Spicy Peperonata

Spicy Parmesan Green Beans and Kale


Happy cooking! (And happy grilling if you just can’t pass up the all American burger.)


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