A Morning at Atherton Mills Farmers Market

Some of my fondest memories as a child were at the farmers market close to my grandparents house outside of Asheville, NC. There were so many sights and sounds, not to mention sweet treats like fresh roasted sugared pecans or local honey. Back then I loved going for the food, now I enjoy going to farmers markets for other reasons (but I’m always sure to check out the local honey.) Farmers markets help support the local economy. If you buy your produce at big sellers like Walmart, you’re giving your money directly to Walmart, not the farmer that grew the produce. With store such as Walmart being notorious for undercutting farmers, why not go directly to the source? Also, produce you find at a store is often from places thousands of miles away from where you are. Why buy tomatoes from Mexico when the family farm 20 miles away has fresh tomatoes that they can get to me sooner, so that they last more than a few days in the fridge. Not to mention the environmental footprint left by transporting food long distances, farmers markets help cut this footprint and support green living. Shopping at farmers markets is a fun, easy, way to get local and seasonal produce from people who support sustainable farming and other initiatives that help out us as consumers, and the environment.

This morning I went to Atherton Mill farmers market in Charlotte’s south end district. It was my first time visiting a farmers market in Charlotte and an awesome experience. I met so many cool people from farmers, soap makers, jewelry makers, and others. The market was located in an indoor space with a few booths outside selling flowers, strawberries, and plants. The area was lined with booths selling everything you could ever need. I picked up some fresh greens, kale, strawberries, a delicious baguette, sweet potatoes, and other veggies!  All are local and mostly organic. I bought groceries for the week here for less than half what it would cost me at a grocery store and I can’t wait to make delicious salads with the greens and strawberries, and roast the sweet potatoes and pair it with the kale for a great dinner. It felt so good talking to the farmers at the market, and I can’t wait to go back next week for some fish, eggs, and more veggies! Here are some pictures from the morning:         














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