Call me crazy, but I play a game when I’m meal planning every week. It’s called, “How much protein can I squeeze into this meal without using meat.” It’s really fun and usually includes tons of yogurt and spinach. Yum. 

It really is interesting though to push as many nutrients in one sitting as possible, making empty calories a thing of the past. One way I really work to push in my nutrients is through smoothies. Smoothies are a super easy way to have a delicious treat that is also super nutritious. 

My all time go to smoothie is the result of years of trying smoothie recipes and leaving out the stuff I don’t like and putting in more of what I do. Smoothies allow for tons of experimentation so run over to the local farmers market and grab what looks good, and throw it in a blender. 

I use: 

1 half an apple

1 half a banana 

1 cup orange juice 

1 half mango 

1 or 2 leaves of chopped kale (stems thrown out)

1 tbsp hemp oil 

1 handful of raspberries/strawberries (whatever I have on hand) 

1 handful of ice 


Also if I happen to have any other fruits on hand, like cherries, I usually throw those in as well. I know that there are two things on this list that seem strange. Kale and hemp oil. Kale is considered a super food, so it’s PACKED with nutrients, and when it’s mixed up with everything else, you can’t even taste it. Hemp oil is one of my favorite products. It’s an immune system booster, filled with good fatty acids (energy booster!), and tons of other vitamins and minerals. 

Some other great products to throw in smoothies are: 

Almond milk 

Frozen berries



Pomegranate juice 





Comment with your favorite smoothie recipes! 


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