Reuse & Recycle: Spring Flower Pot Ideas

Great Idea for reusing flower pots!

Breast Cancer Authority

By: Breast Cancer Yoga Staff

With Mother’s Day around the corner and the weather getting pretty nice, many of us are just getting ready to plant our summer hanging baskets and deck planters. Here’s some tips on how to reuse many of our plants, hanging baskets, and deck planters so that you save money while having beautiful flowering decorations all year long. Plus reusing old plants helps make a much more varied hanging basket or deck planter.

Clean Up and Reuse Old Baskets and Flower Pots
Clean, paint and add fabric to add a new look to your old flower pots. Old hanging baskets where the hanger breaks can still be used as deck planters. Remove the root clumps and reuse half the soil from your old basket and put in new soil, mixing it thoroughly with the old and with manure. Plant them early with spring blooming bulbs, then…

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