Busy Mom

I venture to say that most moms stay busy… whether it’s taking care of her little ones during the day, or dropping them off at school and heading to work. This leaves little time for us… Whatever the circumstance may be I find that I am always busy going full speed ahead, until I crash in my bed for a long awaited sleep. I am currently juggling being a mom, as well as a model, and Entrepreneur. Busy and tired could be my first and last name that is until I found the “fountain of youth”!

Aside from all those things, I like to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes working out daily (with a group of women at “baby boot camp”) and eating a well balanced diet. I try to be the best role model I can be, for my family. I always say, “When he is at the age to make his own decisions about his health, I hope he will make wise choices.” I know personally my mother raised us to make good decisions where nutrition was concerned and I tend to choose the options my mom would give me as a kid.

Currently, the toughest part of the day is finding time to prepare my own dinner, after taking my son to the park (our evening activity together).IMG_2539 Then it is time to go home, give him his bath, make his dinner, brush his teeth, and bedtime for baby, its 8:30 or 9pm and I have no time to prepare a meal for myself, nor do I have the energy. When I am in a bind and don’t know what I will eat for dinner, my go-to option is my local juice bar on the way home from the park, for what I call a “salad in a cup.” The first time I ordered the “fountain of youth” as they call it, I was a little hesitant about the taste but I have loved it from the first sip! I know it sounds strange but I actually look forward to the natural green juice (made of kale, celery, romaine, cucumber, and red apple), and I am able to drink it as I walk home pushing the stroller! IMG_4827
Strangely enough it fills me up and gives me the energy to do my motherly tasks after I get home from the park! I know this isn’t an option for all moms but it works for me and I feel great!

I have had this same conversation with other mothers and I love to hear what your go-to food options are for yourself? Are there any new juice combos I should try, now that I have taken the plunge and fell in love with my green juice?



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